Every now and then, you need a change. Once in a while, everybody needs one. A change in scenery, a change in ourselves, a change in perspective. It varies, but change, when utilized correctly, can be good for the soul.

Sometimes books require such a change. Sometimes, they need a new face. Every single one of your favorite novels has alternate covers, some more than others. It’s a natural part of publishing, I suppose. Titles have different editions and different publishers and therefore, different covers.

I’ve spent the last few months acquiring new covers for some of my early works. In the House of Mirrors just got a lovely new makeover from Najla Qamber Designs, a cover I’m completely in love with. I recommend her to all my Indie author friends (excellent work without crippling your bankroll). After doing the covers for SUNFALL Seasons One and Two myself, I decided to take a crack at the first two installments of Demon Blood. I’m happy to report I’m quite satisfied with the results and I’ve seen a jump in downloads for Demon Blood: Enlightenment. I still prefer to have someone else do my own covers, but I also find designing a new way to flex my creative muscles. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

So, check out the covers below and let me know what you think! Also, Demon Blood: Enlightenment is perma-free on Amazon, so feel free to give it a download here.

Indie writers: Who designs your covers? Do you DIY it, or prefer to pay for professional designs? Feel free to comment in the space below.


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