Once upon a time, I had this website. It was a good website and it treated me nicely, but I was bad to it. I neglected her and only gave her attention once in a while, when the mood struck. Mostly when I had something important to announce, or a new book to promote. I never said flattering things to her. I never bought her expensive jewelry or took her any place fancy. I never said “I love you.”

And one day, that website got up and left me.

Actually, I never renewed the domain name and she got lost in the fuckery that is the Internet and I never jumped through the necessary hoops to resurrect her.

Kidding aside, I’m back with a simpler version of that website. I’m going to attempt to blog more, and not just every six months when I have a new release on the way. I can’t guarantee what these posts will be about, but if I had to guess, It’ll probably be movies, books, comics, writing – the things I love and you probably do too.

So if you were a fan of the old site or a fan of my writing or new to me all together, I bid you welcome. Peruse the pages if you like. There are links to books and freebies, a mentions and appearances page (my wonderful wife’s suggestion) where you can see the places I’ve been, digitally and physically, and not to mention a contact page where you can write me or sign up for my occasional newsletter.

Thanks for stopping by.

Meyer, out.

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