Every now and then, you need a change. Once in a while, everybody needs one. A change in scenery, a change in ourselves, a change in perspective. It varies, but change, when utilized correctly, can be good for the soul.

Sometimes books require such a change. Sometimes, they need a new face. Every single one of your favorite novels has alternate covers, some more than others. It’s a natural part of publishing, I suppose. Titles have different editions and different publishers and therefore, different covers.

I’ve spent the last few months acquiring new covers for some of my early works. In the House of Mirrors just got a lovely new makeover from Najla Qamber Designs, a cover I’m completely in love with. I recommend her to all my Indie author friends (excellent work without crippling your bankroll). After doing the covers for SUNFALL Seasons One and Two myself, I decided to take a crack at the first two installments of Demon Blood. I’m happy to report I’m quite satisfied with the results and I’ve seen a jump in downloads for Demon Blood: Enlightenment. I still prefer to have someone else do my own covers, but I also find designing a new way to flex my creative muscles. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

So, check out the covers below and let me know what you think! Also, Demon Blood: Enlightenment is perma-free on Amazon, so feel free to give it a download here.

Indie writers: Who designs your covers? Do you DIY it, or prefer to pay for professional designs? Feel free to comment in the space below.



Once upon a time, I had this website. It was a good website and it treated me nicely, but I was bad to it. I neglected her and only gave her attention once in a while, when the mood struck. Mostly when I had something important to announce, or a new book to promote. I never said flattering things to her. I never bought her expensive jewelry or took her any place fancy. I never said “I love you.”

And one day, that website got up and left me.

Actually, I never renewed the domain name and she got lost in the fuckery that is the Internet and I never jumped through the necessary hoops to resurrect her.

Kidding aside, I’m back with a simpler version of that website. I’m going to attempt to blog more, and not just every six months when I have a new release on the way. I can’t guarantee what these posts will be about, but if I had to guess, It’ll probably be movies, books, comics, writing – the things I love and you probably do too.

So if you were a fan of the old site or a fan of my writing or new to me all together, I bid you welcome. Peruse the pages if you like. There are links to books and freebies, a mentions and appearances page (my wonderful wife’s suggestion) where you can see the places I’ve been, digitally and physically, and not to mention a contact page where you can write me or sign up for my occasional newsletter.

Thanks for stopping by.

Meyer, out.

SUNFALL Season 2 Release Party

Wow. I can’t believe this is my first blog post here, but hey – better late than never, the old saying goes.

Many of you have asked (through email, in person, social media, etc) “when the heck is Sunfall: Season Two coming out?” The response and feedback on Season One was overwhelmingly satisfying, and I was always delighted when asked about Season Two, although I never really knew how to respond. That’s because, obviously, I had no idea how long it would take to write. I’ve said this before, back when I had my other blog, but writing a sequel was the single most difficult task I’d been faced with in my short “career.” The second Demon Blood book almost never happened. Sunfall, however, was completely different. I had two of my favorite writer friends to accompany me through the whole process. And let me tell you, Season Two was actually easier to write than Season One. Maybe that’s because we matured as writers, or maybe because we improved the process and abandoned the whole “fly by the seat of our pants” mentality that always tripped us up, but this book wrote like a dream and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. The finished product, by the way, was just published on March 11th, 2016.

That’s right. You heard me. Season Two is here.

If you missed our live release party for SUNFALL Season 2, watch it here:


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Demon Blood: Enlightenment Release Party

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31693275_1745698738809211_5089394975695699968_nThese woods are dark and full of monsters…

In 1991, hell was unleashed upon Saint Christopher’s Summer Camp for Kids. The killers left behind piles of bodies and rivers of blood. Some say a family of inbred cannibals was responsible. A masked psychopath with a butcher’s knife is another popular theory. Some still believe a camp counselor lost his mind and went crazy on everyone with an axe. But there’s also the mysterious, derelict factory that sits nearby, atop Kill Hill. A place where urban legends are manufactured, the grotesque and bizarre.

Twenty-five years later, the factory on Kill Hill is still said to be operational, but no one can get near it. It’s safely guarded along with the secrets within. But there are a few loose strings and hitman Frank Harmon has been sent to tie them up. His kill list is short, but the night is long and full of unspeakable horrors. With the help of a few college students on an impromptu camping adventure, Frank must contain the mess at Kill Hill before it spreads to the neighboring towns. Before it infects the entire country. Before it invades the entire world.

From the fantastical, high-octane mind of Tim Meyer, author of Sharkwater Beach and In the House of Mirrors, comes his most frightening tale yet! Summer camp this year is at your own risk.



40533882CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won a role on LET’S SWITCH HOUSES! Your life is going to change. We promise. Your dreams will come true. Everything you’ve ever wanted, we have it. This is a chance of a lifetime. Come inside. Switch with us.

Angela and Terry return home after several grueling months of filming the popular television show, LET’S SWITCH HOUSES!, only to find their residence in ruin. Sure, the décor and framed photographs are the same; the color of the walls hasn’t changed; the furniture sits unmoved. But something is off. Their quiet New Jersey home feels tainted. Angela can sense it. Crawling inside her. Infecting her mind. Poisoning her thoughts.

Then the nightmares begin. Awful, lucid visions that cause her to question her own reality. What happened at 44 Trenton Road while she was gone? Just what did she do, that bizarre woman who claims she can communicate with the beyond? Who is she exactly? Angela aims to find out, but the further she investigates, the deeper into madness she descends. How far will she travel before she loses the trail of clues? Or worse—before she loses her mind.

THE SWITCH HOUSE is a short novel for fans of supernatural thrillers with a dark twist.



SWB-!Beneath the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the biggest predator on the planet hunts, craving the flesh and blood of every creature it can sink its teeth into. Detective Jill McCourty receives a phone call from her old college professor when a mangled body washes up on the shores of Sharkwater Beach. Together they must discover what stalks the waters around the private island and stop it before it reaches the mainland. But how do you stop something so enormous, something so unique that it may have existed in another time?

Jill vows to make sure what happens at Sharkwater Beach, stays at Sharkwater Beach.





worlds-between-my-teeth-final-ebookA dream you can’t wake up from. A cruel game you never wished you played. An enormous shadow living beneath your lake. An invasion of your world.

Worlds Between My Teeth collects TWELVE short stories designed to keep you up past midnight. Strap in. Tim Meyer, author of IN THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS and SUNFALL: SEASON ONE, grants you access to the portals in his mind. Welcome to his WORLDS…




1. The Dream Eaters
2. The Lemures
3. The Cherry Collectors
4. Worlds Between My Teeth
5. Gingerbread Death Machine
6. Under New Skies
7. The Ice King
8. Box Game
9. Armala’s Hunt
10. The Old Church
11. The Pumpkin Tree Giveth, The Pumpkin Tree Taketh Away
12. The Man Who Never Frowned

BONUS NOVELLA: “The Organ Harvest: An October John Novella”




One Sunday afternoon, those who stood in the sun caught fire and turned to ash. Forced indoors, humanity must learn to live in the darkness. Unless, what waits in the darkness catches them, too… Forced inside a giant retail warehouse, a group of survivors must learn to live with the darkness and each other. A father aims to protect his children from a dangerous new world, whatever the cost. An ex-cop burdened by her shaky past puts her skills to the test when people start dying. A mysterious worshiper attempts to rally the community and seek alternative refuge.

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Following the events of Season One, the group of survivors heads west in search of the perfect sanctuary – an unknown facility in Alaska.But the road is treacherous. And the sun isn’t the only obstacle standing in their way…

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Welcome to Shade City…

From the ashes of the old world, a new kingdom is born. Its leaders have a vision for the future: to bring humanity back from the edge of extinction. To find solace beneath the sinister sun. To regain a semblance of the life they once shared.

But a merciless killer threatens their paradise. The Sundown Strangler stalks the streets of Shade City, amassing an impressive body count. As prisoners, Soren and the rest of the train wreck survivors must escape the city before they cross the killer’s destructive path. They must return to the mission at hand. They must seek out the secret facility in Alaska before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Sam and company continue their journey westward in search of the lost members of their family.

Praise for SUNFALL:

“An Apocalypse no one saw coming. Sunfall is hotter than hell, a must-read!” – Hunter Shea, author of We Are Always Watching

“…perfect for fans of post-apocalyptic fiction…” – Scifi And Scary

“Both original and nicely efficient in both execution and style, Sunfall is an absorbing, gruesome, oft times unsettling and always exciting.” – D.S. Ullery, author of Beyond Where the Sky Ends






When Ritchie Naughton, amateur photographer, stumbles upon a house in the woods, strange things start happening. His camera captures images that should not exist, things that cannot be explained. Soon, he’ll realize that the people of Red River, New Jersey are in terrible danger. A darkness grows within the house, threatening them all. (90,000 words)

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Hell is rising…

Several years after his wife’s death, Danny Samson struggles to live on. He wastes his days playing poker, working as a short-order cook, being a sarcastic loudmouth, and hunting demons that escape from the deepest depths of the underworld.

Things aren’t great. But they could be worse. He could be dead. He could be in Hell.

After her husband’s mysterious suicide, Andrea McCloud seeks out Danny, hoping he can clarify the murky details and bring her solace. Together, they embark on a journey that leads them down troubled paths, where danger and demonic activity lurks around every corner. With the help of two young brothers, Danny and Andrea try to stop the denizens of Hell before they tear down God’s most precious kingdom. Before they bring about the apocalypse.

Between Heaven and Hell… Stands Humanity.

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Several years after the incident in Nebraska that left her emotionally and physically scarred, Andrea McCloud focuses on living a normal life. But when fate intervenes, she finds herself up against paranormal activity and demonic forces once again. Her son is kidnapped by a society of men hellbent on plunging the world into eternal darkness. With the help of Danny Samson and a few new allies, Andrea must uncover the secrets surrounding her son’s kidnapping and stop an apocalypse taken straight from the pages of The Book of Revelation.

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Something strange is happening in the small town of Pleasant Plains, New Jersey. People are getting sick. Peculiar noises can be heard from inside their homes. Some of them are acting weird, speaking in unknown languages. Then there are the butterflies. And the green pulsating light coming through the cracks in the walls. Oh, and the hunger. Yes, the people of Pleasant Plains are starving and nothing seems to satisfy their primary desire. Except for the children. The kids have proven to be quite filling… The Thin Veil is a 35,000 word novella.

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Something evil came to town… and it never left. Simon Smoke was once on top of the television world. Now he’s a joke. In a desperate attempt to save his career, Smoke and a small crew travel to Pleasant Storm, Texas, the site of a mysterious bloody massacre fifty years ago. Nightfall will come, and soon the group will realize the evil that once wreaked havoc still lurks. Can the Monster SQUASH! squad survive their first encounter with an actual demon, or will the Car Nex continue its reign of terror? The Car Nex story series presents tales from a variety of horror authors based on Terry M. West’s wicked demon, the Car Nex.

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One week. Three bodies. Organs pilfered. Detective Colt Callahan has hit a dead end. His only option: his old partner, Johnny Webster AKA October John. Supernatural investigator. Pill popper. Nicotine junkie. Beer connoisseur. October John is a lot of things, but a reliable partner isn’t one of them. But Colt is out of options and if anyone can solve a case as weird as this, it’s Johnny Webster. Set in an alternate New York City in the year 2052, The Organ Harvest is a supernatural detective novella following two investigators with rocky pasts. Can Colt Callahan and Johnny Webster catch the killer or will he continue to harvest the organs of the bodies he leaves behind?

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Across the East Coast, the dead are rising. Cities are overrun with them, decaying corpses with an insatiable hunger for human meat… When Ben Ackerman finds himself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, he can only think about saving his son, Jake. Unfortunately for Ben, Jake lives with his mother, about two-hundred miles away. The morning it all goes down, Ben embarks on a journey to rescue his son from this grave new world. However, there are worse things than zombies patrolling the New Jersey border… Meet the Barker Brothers. Three fun-loving country boys with a love for guns, fried chicken, and their mother. After running into Ben and his small band of travelers, the Barker Brothers offer their hospitality, a room and food for as long as they need. Only, there’s an undisclosed price to pay, and it might just cost Ben and his friends their lives…Less Than Human is a 50,000 word horror/apocalyptic thriller.

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