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Book review: The Switch House – Tim Meyer

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Tim Meyer’s The Switch House effectively mixes horror and reality television into a short, weird novel. Moving at a brisk pace with very little downtime, The Switch House is a fun slice of urban horror, one in which I made links to Hellraiser, Poltergeist and The Amityville Horror. I’ll be honest, I do enjoy it when I make these connections and it seems Tim Meyer and I come from a similar place.

A house swap, a troubled marriage, a lost child; it’s a combustible situation, and one that erupts very early on.  Angela is an empathetic character. She has been through a lot, as has her husband, Terry. After the house switch is complete, things begin to get a little strange, to say the least. This is where Meyer incorporates some of the movie style horrors I mentioned earlier. The Switch House is very easy to read, the prose…

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It’s here! THE SWITCH HOUSE is finally available for pre-order. You can enter the EVERYWHERE by clicking here. There will be an audio version, too. Details on that coming soon.

PRE-ORDER CONTEST: If you do pre-order THE SWITCH HOUSE, send a screenshot of the order confirmation to tfmeyer3(at) You’ll automatically be entered in a lottery. On July 31st, I’ll draw one name and that lucky person will receive a signed copy of THE SWITCH HOUSE and (yes, and) another one of my books. Winner’s choice. There’s only a few entries so far, so your chances of winning are pretty good! 

That’s all for now. Now, feast your eyes on this gorgeous cover! 


CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won a role on LET’S SWITCH HOUSES! Your life is going to change. We promise. Your dreams will come true. Everything you’ve ever wanted, we have it. This is a chance of a lifetime. Come inside. Switch with us.

Angela and Terry return home after several grueling months of filming the popular television show, LET’S SWITCH HOUSES!, only to find their residence in ruin. Sure, the décor and framed photographs are the same; the color of the walls hasn’t changed; the furniture sits unmoved. But something is off. Their quiet New Jersey home feels tainted. Angela can sense it. Crawling inside her. Infecting her mind. Poisoning her thoughts.

Then the nightmares begin. Awful, lucid visions that cause her to question her own reality. What happened at 44 Trenton Road while she was gone? Just what did she do, that bizarre woman who claims she can communicate with the beyond? Who is she exactly? Angela aims to find out, but the further she investigates, the deeper into madness she descends. How far will she travel before she loses the trail of clues? Or worse—before she loses her mind.

THE SWITCH HOUSE is a short novel for fans of supernatural thrillers with a dark twist.

“…[Meyer’s] best work yet. Unmissable.” – Matt Hayward, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of WHAT DO MONSTERS FEAR? 

“An odd, tragic, and mind-bending tale.” – Glenn Rolfe, author of BECOMING and LAND OF BONES
“Brilliant twists… creepy occult… story stayed with me long after reading it. Tim at his finest!” – Chuck Buda, author of THE FIRST CUT and PAY UP AND DIE

Equal parts nightmare and thriller, Tim Meyer’s THE SWITCH HOUSE drags the reader into its darkened halls of insanity. Don’t miss it.” – Todd Keisling, author of THE FINAL RECONCILIATION  and UGLY LITTLE THINGS  
“If there’s one book you read this year, make it this one.” – CEDAR HOLLOW REVIEWS


Last Spring, some horror authors (Armand Rosamilia, Chuck Buda, Frank Edler, and Dan Padavona) embarked on a small book tour. For some strange reason, they let me tag along. We stopped at local breweries across the Garden State and drank most of their beer, and hey – we also sold a few books. This year, we’re getting the gang back together again, and this time we’ll be hitting up five breweries. Most of them are located in New Jersey, however, we’re upping the ante and we’ve added Lancaster, Pennsylvania to the list of places to get sloppy-drunk. Also this year, we’re expanding the roster and adding super-cool Todd Keisling, the lovely Somer Canon, and Krampus expert Matt Manochio to the author list. Be sure to check out the tour’s FACEBOOK PAGE for more info and feel free to let us know if you’re coming (we love that!). The following posters will let you know where we’ll be and when (click on the posters to learn more about these awesome venues and support our local breweries!):





Lutzke 2017 Bio photoThis week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite writers – the always-entertaining Chad Lutzke. I’ve read a few of Chad’s novellas over the last few years and each one has hit me right in the feels. The dude does horror well, but he also knows how to sucker-punch you in the gut. With his words. Not with his fists. That’d be mean and Chad isn’t mean. He’s actually a really nice guy. Okay, just read this interview and judge for yourself. Also, check out his newest novella from Bloodshot Books, Stirring the Sheets. It’s on sale now and you’re not gonna want to miss this. 



BigRobHead0813 copyThe time has come for another author interview. I’ve been neglecting this portion of the blog lately, however, this interview will hopefully more than make up for my laziness. Today, I have fellow New Jersey native, Rob Errera. I’ve been familiar with Rob’s work for a few years now and I’m a huge fan. I had the pleasure of reviewing HANGMAN’S JAM for Horror Novel Reviews once upon a time ago, and I’ve been following his career ever since. In two days, his new novel, THE MUD MAN, hits shelves and I couldn’t be more excited for Rob. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC and I’m here to say – this book rocked. I was mesmerized by the unique way Rob chose to tell the story and I finished the book in two sittings. Well worth your hard-earned bucks. Anyway, enough about that – let’s get on with the interview!



Well, this series has been a little over ten years in the making. In 2007, I started writing ENLIGHTENMENT, the first book in the Demon Blood Trilogy. Last August, I finally typed “THE END” on the final installment. Today, I’m proud to bring you revised editions (both with amazing covers from Najla Qamber Designs) of the first two novels, as well as the first edition of the final book. Also, if you’re a Kindle reader, you can get the entire trilogy at a hefty discount (bottom of this page). I’ve spent many hours writing about Danny Samson and his demon-hunting adventures, and I’m glad the series finally got a proper conclusion. I’ll miss the characters but that’s part of the writing gig. For those of you who kept checking in over the years, asking about the third and final book – thank you. Without your support this probably would have never happened. So… without further ado… I give you the DEMON BLOOD TRILOGY, now available in its entirety for the first time ever!






I didn’t realize what a fantastic year this was for horror fiction until I sat down to write this list. So many good books, a lot of which—unfortunately—I couldn’t find room for. I didn’t get to read everything I wanted to this year (does anyone ever?), and I’m sure I missed some great books that deserve a spot. If you want a complete list of the books I read this year, visit my Goodreads page. Also, I feel the need to mention that this list represents my personal favorites from 2017 and I only included books I actually read or listened to. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments section below!

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Q&A w/ Horror Authors!

If you need a break from binging Stranger Things 2 today, head on over to Youtube and ask these four horror authors some questions! (Psst. I’m one of them.) We’ll be chatting for an hour about everything horror and writing. Check it out!


mattLast month at Scares That Care! Weekend, I met a lot of cool people in person that I previously only knew via the Internet or Facebook. One of those cool people was the multi-talented Matt Hayward. Matt’s writing caught my attention a few months back when Sinister Grin dropped his horror fiction collection Brain Dead BluesIt was one of the best genre collections I’d read in some time. Matt has a unique voice and impeccable storytelling abilities. I strongly urge anyone who’s looking for that “next new voice in horror” to give his work a try. His follow-up and debut novel What Do Monsters Fear? is equally impressive.

So enjoy the interview with Matt Hayward and don’t forget to check out his books!  Continue reading → AUTHOR INTERVIEW: MATT HAYWARD

Best and Worst Shark Movies: From JAWS to Sharknado 5

Monster Men

Fins to the left! Fins to the right! Just in time for Sharnado 5: Global Swarming, the Monster Men present a look back at some of the best and worst shark movies through the years. Naturally, we start with JAWS, the crown jewel, or crown fin of shark movies, and from there we cover such classics as Deep Blue Sea, Bait, Mako, Blue Water, White Death, Two-Headed Shark attack and more.

We also discuss a few new shark books including Sharkwater Beach by Tim Meyer, Shark Island by Chris Jameson and Megalodon in Paradise by some guy named Hunter Shea.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat for this episode.

finalguysPlus, we are happy to announce that we have launched FINAL GUYS, a new podcast available on iTunes and our website. We have joined forces with our friend Jason Brant from the So Bad It’s Good show and Drinking with…

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