It’s here! THE SWITCH HOUSE is finally available for pre-order. You can enter the EVERYWHERE by clicking here. There will be an audio version, too. Details on that coming soon.

PRE-ORDER CONTEST: If you do pre-order THE SWITCH HOUSE, send a screenshot of the order confirmation to tfmeyer3(at) You’ll automatically be entered in a lottery. On July 31st, I’ll draw one name and that lucky person will receive a signed copy of THE SWITCH HOUSE and (yes, and) another one of my books. Winner’s choice. There’s only a few entries so far, so your chances of winning are pretty good! 

That’s all for now. Now, feast your eyes on this gorgeous cover! 


CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won a role on LET’S SWITCH HOUSES! Your life is going to change. We promise. Your dreams will come true. Everything you’ve ever wanted, we have it. This is a chance of a lifetime. Come inside. Switch with us.

Angela and Terry return home after several grueling months of filming the popular television show, LET’S SWITCH HOUSES!, only to find their residence in ruin. Sure, the décor and framed photographs are the same; the color of the walls hasn’t changed; the furniture sits unmoved. But something is off. Their quiet New Jersey home feels tainted. Angela can sense it. Crawling inside her. Infecting her mind. Poisoning her thoughts.

Then the nightmares begin. Awful, lucid visions that cause her to question her own reality. What happened at 44 Trenton Road while she was gone? Just what did she do, that bizarre woman who claims she can communicate with the beyond? Who is she exactly? Angela aims to find out, but the further she investigates, the deeper into madness she descends. How far will she travel before she loses the trail of clues? Or worse—before she loses her mind.

THE SWITCH HOUSE is a short novel for fans of supernatural thrillers with a dark twist.

“…[Meyer’s] best work yet. Unmissable.” – Matt Hayward, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of WHAT DO MONSTERS FEAR? 

“An odd, tragic, and mind-bending tale.” – Glenn Rolfe, author of BECOMING and LAND OF BONES
“Brilliant twists… creepy occult… story stayed with me long after reading it. Tim at his finest!” – Chuck Buda, author of THE FIRST CUT and PAY UP AND DIE

Equal parts nightmare and thriller, Tim Meyer’s THE SWITCH HOUSE drags the reader into its darkened halls of insanity. Don’t miss it.” – Todd Keisling, author of THE FINAL RECONCILIATION  and UGLY LITTLE THINGS  
“If there’s one book you read this year, make it this one.” – CEDAR HOLLOW REVIEWS

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