It’s been about six or seven months since I decided to release a short story collection that includes previously published stories, new stories, and two novellas. It was a fun journey. I had a blast looking back at my earlier work, comparing them to new stories, seeing the difference between the Tim Meyer of five years ago and 2016 Tim Meyer. They are very different writers, yet very much the same. I noticed things I can improve on, things I should change stylistically, and things I have improved on and changed. In writing, you’re always learning new things and there’s always room for improvement.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.47.33 PM

That said, I’m looking forward to exploring new worlds and seeing where my writing will take me in the next few years.

I’d like to briefly thank everyone involved in the process over the last six months. Everyone from my editor, Erin Al-Mehairi at (who writes a kick-ass foreword in WORLDS BETWEEN MY TEETH), to the markets who previously published my stories, all the way to friends and family who have supported me from day one. And a special thanks to my wife, Ashley, who is always there for support and allows me the time to make this stuff happen. None of this would be possible without her.

And thanks to you, the reader! Ladies and gents, ya’ll rock and I can’t say thanks enough. Peace, love, and fish tacos.


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