2016 has been a pretty busy writing year for me. It follows a lackluster 2015 where I only released one novella. This year, we’ve seen SUNFALL: Season Two and DEMON SQUASH: A One Hour Special (Car Nex, Book 6) hit the market. Next up is my short story collection WORLDS BETWEEN MY TEETH, which will be available in e-Book and paperback on Amazon on June 10th. You can pre-order the e-book version for an introductory price of $0.99 by clicking HERE.WORLDS BETWEEN MY TEETH FINAL

I’m quite proud of this collection. Some of these stories I wrote a number of years ago, before I started publishing novels. Some I had buried, six feet under, with no intention of returning them to the surface. Some would agree they should remain there, however, I found a few I couldn’t let go. I had to resurrect them and give them new life. Some of the stories included in WORLDS were previously published in magazines, e-zines, anthologies, or on the Interweb. Some of them are brand new. WORLDS is a good mix, each story representing a different period of my writing life. It’s fascinating to see how my style has developed over the years. For me, this is one of my favorite aspects of writing – these little moments of self-discovery.

The collection was edited by Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi. She did a phenomenal job helping me organize this beast. She’s given the misfits a real chance to shine, while still polishing the more refined works, elevating them to another level. I can’t recommend her services enough. Check out her website Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK! where she offers a variety of publishing services.

That’s all for today. Some big things are on the horizon. Future blog posts will include talk of a potential new podcast, SUNFALL: Season Three, and the Scares That Care Weekend taking place in July.

Later, gators.

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