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So, after holding off for about a year, I’m finally dipping my toes into the Patreon pond. I’ve held off for a few reasons. Firstly, I wanted to make sure I could deliver exclusive content, and more importantly, I wanted to make sure I had the time to do it. Well, now that a few projects have reached their end, I’ll be launching my very own Patreon page later this month. I’m really excited about it. The main attraction is going to be a brand new novel called Paradise Club (details below). It’s going to be quite different because… well, I haven’t written it yet. That’s where the patrons will come in. Qualifying patrons will be able to influence the story by voting on the actions of certain characters. Think choose-your-own-adventure, but with a group!

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me. Let me know what you think in the comments! Here are the details:

Hi! I’m Tim Meyer, author of KILL HILL CARNAGEIN THE HOUSE OF MIRRORSLIMBS: A LOVE STORY, and THE SWITCH HOUSE. I’m also a co-writer on the post-apocalyptic series, SUNFALL, and co-host of The Project Entertainment Network’s APERTURE HOUR PODCAST. I’m coming to Patreon to give you exclusive content and a unique interactive reading experience – starting with my serialized novel, PARADISE CLUB. Consider it a choose-your-own-adventure story where qualifying patrons get to vote on the actions of certain characters.



Welcome to Paradise. Sandy beaches. Crystalline waters. An all-inclusive resort with virtually everything you can think of. A true idyllic paradise.

Until some of the guests go missing. Until some of them end up dead. Something is happening at the Paradise Club that wasn’t on the brochure. Elliot Harper – family man and former FBI agent – is about to find out how fast paradise can become hell.

PARADISE CLUB is a serialized novel, written for Patreon first. It can best be described as LOST (tv series) meets THE BELKO EXPERIMENT meets HOSTEL.

So, if you want access to this exclusive interactive novel, monthly short stories, video updates, and sneak peeks at future novels, come join me here on Patreon.

Let’s get creative together.

– TM



$1 or more per month

*Get access to the interactive novel, PARADISE CLUB. (*At least* one chapter a month, 5k-word minimum)

*A Short Story every month. (1k-word minimum)

*Access to a quick weekly video where I talk about life, writing, books, movies, and anything I feel like. Which probably includes beer.


$3 or more per month


*At this level, you’ll be able to vote on the fate of the characters of PARADISE CLUB (majority votes wins). Choose their outcomes. Help shape them. Help them escape their fate. Or damn them to Hell.

*You’ll also get a special “THANK YOU” in the published version of PARADISE CLUB.

*You’ll also get a signed paperback copy of PARADISE CLUB upon its release, personalized to your liking. Or maybe I’ll write whatever I want on the title page. You’ll just have to wait and see.


$9 or more per month


*You’ll also get to be appear as a character in PARADISE CLUB. You can lend me your likeness or just your name – your preference. Your fate will probably remain with me – or other people.

*Every 6 months, I’ll send you 2 signed paperbacks from my backlog. Your choice. Just a thanks for being a Maniac. And if you’re at this level, YOU ARE A MANIAC. That’s for sure.



$15 or more per month

You get all the previous rewards, plus, I’ll hold a monthly Q&A (video), where you can ask me anything about life, writing, books, movies, what my sock collection looks like, or anything that interests you.


mattLast month at Scares That Care! Weekend, I met a lot of cool people in person that I previously only knew via the Internet or Facebook. One of those cool people was the multi-talented Matt Hayward. Matt’s writing caught my attention a few months back when Sinister Grin dropped his horror fiction collection Brain Dead BluesIt was one of the best genre collections I’d read in some time. Matt has a unique voice and impeccable storytelling abilities. I strongly urge anyone who’s looking for that “next new voice in horror” to give his work a try. His follow-up and debut novel What Do Monsters Fear? is equally impressive.

So enjoy the interview with Matt Hayward and don’t forget to check out his books!  Continue reading → AUTHOR INTERVIEW: MATT HAYWARD


13626626_1120518697993888_3806899146159897452_nThis past weekend I attended Scares That Care, a benefit horror convention in Williamsburg, Virginia. I’ve put off doing conventions and signings since I started publishing, but this year I decided it was time to get my face out there and from what I’ve heard, there’s no better event than the Scares That Care Weekend. For those who might not know, it’s a charity horror convention that donates its profit to families in need.

So many awesome things took place this weekend and I’ll do my best to pack it all in here. Continue reading → My SCARES THAT CARE! Adventure


Seriously. As I get older, time moves faster. I guess that’s common. But, man. June sure came and went in a blink. Oh well. Welcome to the party, JULY!

Chapter3Header-2July will be a pretty exciting month. Much more eventful than June. June, let’s face it – you were boring. July, you’re gonna be a blast. That’s because I’ll be attending Scares That Care in Williamsburg, the 22nd through the 24th! It’s shaping up to be one helluva a weekend, and if you live anywhere near Virginia, I recommend checking it out. I can’t wait to meet and hang out with some of my favorite authors. Also, I’ll be signing books in the vendor room! SUNFALL co-author Chad Scanlon will also be there Saturday and Sunday, so we’ll have plenty of copies of Season One and Season Two to shove down your throat – you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

shark-week-discoveryWell, it’s been fun checking in, but I need to continue writing/plotting and watching Shark Week. I’m more than halfway through the second draft of my newest WIP, tentatively titled KILL HILL CARNAGE. It was supposed to be a novella around 30k words, but I ended up writing twice that number. So, it’s a novel! Not sure what will happen with it once I’m finished. I might shop it around and take a break from Indie Publishing for a while. I love DIYing it, but it’s a ton of work and I have so many stories I want to tell. Publishing myself takes a lot of time away from creating new content. But who really knows what will happen. Only time will tell! And as for Shark Week (which has taken up more free time than intended), well – I might just have an idea for a new novel brewing. I’ve always wanted to explore the deep blue sea.




About a month ago, I promised to get my ass in gear and update this blog regularly, something I’ve failed at in the past. It’s still early, but I’m gradually breaking out of my shell and in an effort to keep my promise, I’ve decided to conduct author interviews with some of my favorite talents. I hope to include a wide variety of voices, ranging from the relatively unknowns to the seasoned veterans, and maybe (just maybe) even some household names. I think it will be fun to help promote new writers and learn from those who have been at it for some time. I hope to post at least one a month.

That’s the plan anyway.

41bZSLzGb+L._UX250_So without further ado, I’d like to present my first interviewee (victim), the very talented, very compelling, D.S. Ullery. I’ve been a fan of his work for a few years now, ever since our stories appeared together in a Christmas anthology by Horror Novel Reviews. I can’t recommend his work enough. He released his first short story collection, Beyond Where the Sky Ends  earlier this year. I had a lot of fun chatting with D.S. and found the whole process entertaining as hell.

Enjoy the interview! Continue reading → AUTHOR INTERVIEW: D.S. ULLERY